I have been running The Raspberry Cakery for nearly 8 years and we have made countless cupcakes and celebration cakes. We have hosted afternoon tea and held cupcake decorating workshops. But over the last year or so I lost the joy in baking just for me, so I went on a mission to try and get it back and find the magic in baking again.

Because baking is magic!

Mixing those basic ingredients together to form cake, watching it rise, the smell of freshly baked cake are all so soothing. Cake was initially presented as a gift for the Gods, and is now the centre of many celebrations. Baking has been recognised as being good for our minds and our soul and I wanted to add my own small contribution.

Magical Baking Subscription Box from The Raspberry Cakery

Are you looking for a bit more magic? My brand new Magical Baking Box subscription has been designed to help you bring a little bit more magic to your kitchen and a bit more mindfulness to your baking.

Magical Baking Boxes from the Raspberry Cakery

This is not your standard baking box! You won’t get 5 packets of ingredients to empty into a bowl. What you will get is a recipe, a couple of key ingredients such as chocolate, some tea, some magical elements to add to your kitchen and plenty of mindfulness tips and some magical examples.

Example of the Magical Baking Subscription Box from The Raspberry Cakery

Please Note: Currently baking boxes can only be shipped to the UK.

Order your box now

NEW Magical Baking Boxes
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