A kitchen altar is simply a space in your kitchen where you can arrange a few select objects as a focus for your magic and energy. It can be as big or small as you like or you have room for. It can take up a whole shelf or a small bowl. There are no hard and fast rules and each one is totally unique, intended just for the person who puts it together.

How to set up your kitchen altar by the magical baking co

You do not need to call yourself a Witch to make an altar and you don’t need to be actively practicing magic. It isn’t somewhere to make sacrifices or carry out elaborate rituals. My altar is set up as a little reminder that I want to bring more magic into my day.

Where to Set up Your Altar

Where you set up your altar is entirely up to you and will depend on your situation. For a kitchen altar, obviously the best place is in your kitchen or wherever you prepare your food. Think about who you share your kitchen with – are children going to want to play with it, do you want people to know about it? This can help you decide if it needs to be somewhere small hands can’t get to it, or somewhere only you will see it. It’s easiest to place it somewhere it won’t get moved or disturbed, won’t get wet or hot.

What to add to Your Kitchen Altar

You can either decide what you would like to add to your altar and then find something to put it all together on, or find a board or bowl and then choose which items you’d like to include. What you add to your altar is again, a totally personal decision. There is no right and wrong here. It’s whatever feels right or looks good to you. Here are a few ideas.

Simple kitchen altar with the 4 elements
A kitchen altar can be as simple as a bowl with 1 item to represent the 4 Elements

The 4 Elements

This is how I started my altar, by including something to represent the 4 elements of Earth, Air, Fire & Water. It is believed that these are the basic foundations of the universe and should be kept balance to maintain harmony. For the simplest of altars you could fill a small bowl with salt (to represent Earth), a birthday cake candle (for Fire), a sea shell (for Water) and a feather (for Air). It really can be as simple as that.

Kitchen Altar set up
Add your own touches to your kitchen altar. Incense for air, candle for fire, sprouting seeds for earth, and water, plus a daily tarot card and crystals for the day.


I love to change my Altar to match the seasons, adding herbs or flowers for a specific time of the year, using different coloured candles and adding little trinkets or ornaments. I do generally always make sure I’ve got the 4 elements included as well but again, this could be a flower (Earth), a bowl (Water), candle (Fire) and Incense (Air). You can search on Pinterest for all the colours, herbs, animals and associations for a specific season. Or just use whatever you associate with a season.

Seasonal kitchen altar set up for Samhain, Autumn, Fall or Halloween
Seasonal kitchen altar set up for Samhain, Autumn, Fall or Halloween


You can create altars around a certain goal or dream you are currently working towards. For example, if you are working towards a financial goal you can add cinnamon, green ribbon, coins and gold candles. Write your goal on a piece of paper or bay leaf and include that on your altar. Every morning when you see your altar you will be reminded what you are working towards.

Mini intention altar set up in a tea cup.
Mini intention altar set up in a tea cup. Intention for abundance written on a bay leaf, citrine and cinnamon to encourage weath & a red candle for passion and energy.

There are plenty of ways to set your altar up and you can experiement and play to find what you like best. I mix mine up quite a lot, and if I’m not feeling particularly drawn to anything at the time, then I’ll wait until I’m ready.

Other items you can add to your altar include crystals, seeds, food or wine offerings, stones, leaves, photographs, tarot or oracle cards, artwork, sigils, items you’ve made, plants, a knife, spoon, a cauldron, mortar & pestle, acorns or items you’ve found outdoors, charms, books, recipes. Anything that means something to you, and relates to the magic you would like to bring to your kitchen, is perfect for your kitchen altar.

Ideas on what to include on your kitchen altar to represent the 4 elements.
Ideas on what to include on your kitchen altar to represent the 4 elements.

Do you have a kitchen altar? I’d love to know in the comments below if your altar has a theme or how you set it up. Or are you going to set one up? If you have any questions please let me know. If you’re willing to show, tag me in your photos on Facebook or Instagram at @magicalbakingco.

How to set up a Kitchen Altar
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