Hi Cakers! I had been planning to get back to blogging at the start of the year, but my need to have checklists and processes in place, googling ideas, wanting to improve my photography and a whole host of other excuses has meant I’ve not done it yet.

Well, in light of current circumstances which have brought about a need to change how we work, to find other ways of generating income – and being stuck in the house – I am trying to adopt a more ‘JUST DO IT’ attitude.

So, here we go. I do have a plan for this blog and will be bringing you recipes, tutorials and *gulp* videos.

My first action as a result of my new-found proactive-ness was to set up an ‘Honesty Cake Shop’. The idea being that I can put a few cakes ready to sell in my porch with an honesty pot and people can come and collect without having any interaction – apart from the occasional wave through the window.

I have to say I was absolutely amazed by the support I recieved. I’ve had some lovely messages and am delighted I was able to bring a smile and a little glimpse of joy in quite a bizzare situation.

I am not sure how long the Honesty Cake Shop will continue, it depends on what is said later on this evening. Keep up to date on Instagram.

The Honesty Cake Shop
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