Each session will cost £12, and is suitable for ages 4 – 10. All children will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Dates & Themes

We don’t currently have any dates set for Mini Cakers.


Please note: As all children’s abilities vary it is up to the repsonsible adult of each child to ensure they will be able to take part in this class. Guidance and assistance from us will be provided to the best of our ability, however to make sure the children benefit fully some additional assitance may be required. Generally if your child can roll out play doh, cut out shapes and follow basic instruction they will be able to make the toppers in this class.

How to book

Email hello@theraspberrycakery.co.uk to request your place, you will recieve an email with payment details within 24 hours. To secure your place we must recieve payment in full. For more information see our Terms & Conditions.