Cake bunting is a great way to jazz up a cake whether home-made or from a shop. Even if you aren’t confident with your sugarcraft skills or want something to make ahead of time, DIY paper bunting is an affordable and effective cake decoration.

With Easter around the corner, I have created a free printable for you to download and make your own ‘Happy Easter’ cake bunting. All you need is a colour printer, some scissors, string or ribbon, dowels and double sided tape or glue.

The printable includes instructions, but here’s a few photos and tips to help you along the way.

First of all download the printable and print it out on A4 paper or thin card.

Next cut out all of the coloured diamond shapes with ‘Happy Easter’ on.

Carefully fold each diamond in half by bringing the points together to make the traditional triangle bunting shape.

Lay out the flags so that they are in the right order and the right way up.

If using double-sided tape, cut your tape and place it onto the wrong side (white side) of the flags, making sure to put it over the fold line to help keep the string in place.

When you are ready to stick your flags onto the string, find the middle of the string and the middle flag, then add your glue or remove the tape backing and carefully place the string along the fold, fold the flag back over and press to stick.

Continue to stick each flag onto the string, leaving a small gap betweek each flag. Make sure you have them in the right order and with the letters all facing the same side!

Do this with the flags for Happy and Easter onto 2 separate pieces of string.

Finally tie both string of flags to your dowels at either end. Put Happy at the top, with Easter below. Leave a slightly longer length of empty string at either end of the Happy flags.

Your bunting is now ready to be proudly displayed on your cake. Or in a plant pot as a cute Easter decoration.

How to make Easter Cake Bunting [with Free Printable]
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