A few weeks ago we had a rather lovely meeting with the people at Boss Brewing to discuss baking a range of cakes and sweet treats to be sold at their soon-to-be-opening bar in Swansea, Copper.

The most exciting part of this –  getting the chance to play with some new flavours and incorporating their beers into a bespoke baking collection which will be available solely at Copper.

Last week we got our delivery of 4 of their most favourite beers.

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And this week, we have had our recipe books out, our thinking caps on, and the flavour theasuraus at the ready as we delve into some new flavour combinations.

For day 1 the first beer to be baked was ‘Boss Brave – an Adventurous American IPA’. With American flavours, and instructions to create a ‘man-cake’ we looked to bacon and maple syrup for inspiration.

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Yes, actual bacon. In a cake.

We don’t want to spoil the surpise completely for you…. but I don’t think you’ll find a more manly cupcake in Swansea. The IPA is described as being ‘Bold, Brazen & Ballsy…..’ and I definitely think this cupcake puts up a fair fight!

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Boss Brewing Baking Diary – Day 1
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